Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Db snatch

Tonight's workout was my first back in L.K.V. since the trip to D.C. It wound up being equal parts max effort and met con. Here's the workload: 7 x 1 DB power snatch 4 x 1 minute rounds of: 3 power snatch (60 kg) AMRAP OH squat (60 kg) My db snatch sets looked like this: 32 kg, 38 kg, 42 kg, 44 kg, 46 kg, 48 kg, 50 kg. I was able to hit each of these weights with both hands, though my left felt shaky at times. It really pays in this exercise to keep the arms loose during the motion. The more you pull with the arms, the less speed you get on the weight. It's just like in Olympic work, just easier to feel the difference with single arm exercises. The power snatch/oh squat metcon also went well, though I think it could have been better. I ripped off 15 squats on the first set, then only hit 17 over the next 3 sets. The weight quickly became difficult to balance overhead and my lower back started to feel the fatigue. Overall, I think this is a good way to do some heavier weight in a short time span, but maybe not after max effort db snatches. It's supposed to snow tonight in Leiden, and I'm hoping to get outside to enjoy it in the morning. Maybe take the bag for a walk to the park...

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