Friday, December 4, 2009

Trans-Continental Challenge #3

Back at it today, and feeling the effects. Today's workout was 3 parts, with exactly 5 minutes rest between elements.
Part 1:
5 to 1
deadlift (160 kg/350#) no bouncing/open hands at the bottom
elevated handstand pushups (used two bumper plates)
Part 2:
2 k row
Part 3:
20, 15, 10
toes to bar with rotation
Overall, I found this sequence extremely challenging. Part 1 wasn't too bad, the deadlifts were tough by the last 2 sets, but the hspu's were pretty easy. I finished in 3:28. Therefore, Part 2 started at 8:28. This 2 k row started off fine. I made it to the 500 m mark in 1:43, then started to back off the pace a bit. By the 1000 m mark I think my pace had dropped to 1:50 or so and I was started to gasp pretty heavy. My hamstrings were really getting tired from the deadlifts and I was compensating by pulling with my upper body a lot. Ended up finishing the effort in 7:14, putting my total time at 15:42. At this point, I was completely exhausted. Everything hurt, and I knew I only had 5 minutes until the last element... which I did not want to do. Part 3 started at 20:42 and right away the burpees felt waaay harder than they should. My legs were quivering by the 10th one and my breath left me right away. The toes to bar were a great exercise, except I was forced to do them on a thick gauge square support beam on one of the cable machines at L.K.V. This made things much harder for the grip. Because the exercise requires you to pivot your body from left to right, the sharp angles really dug into my hands. I finished in 27:07, and I was done-zo. Realistically, with a regular pullup bar I may have been able to do this 2 minutes faster, but no more than that. I think 25 is a realistic time, but I was seriously crushed afterwards. I haven't heard how it went on the other side of the pond. Interested to see how Josh and the gang found it.
Supposed to join the guys at CrossFit FSF in Utrecht for the Lumberjack 20 tomorrow... we'll see how the body's feeling in the morning.


  1. I was slated to join Josh today for the challenge but couldn't get away. Seeing your effort, almost glad I skipped.

  2. That 2k row must have felt like hell, awesome effort Blair !

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  4. Any interest in re-doing this one to see if it was as bad as you remember?

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