Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 x 500's

Workout of the Day:

5 x 5 Back Squat

5 x 6 Unilateral elevated DB row (5 second eccentric)

5 x 3 Close grip handstand pushup

5 x 500 meter row w/ 1 minute rest

Tonight’s workout started out shaky, just because back squatting in my current gym isn’t really possible with any remotely heavy weight. However, we do have a calf raise machine that could conceivably double as a hack squat. In the absence of any better option, this is the route I took.

Not surprisingly, the arc of motion dictated by the machine wasn’t optimal and the resistance did not feel consistent throughout the range of motion. However, if I’m looking for a silver lining, the portion of the range that was most difficult (heaviest) was the precise range where I would normally fail during squatting movements. So, at least I was getting work where I am weakest. (The weights here mean nothing to me since I have nothing to compare them with. I just kept adding til I failed to get 5)

The unilateral DB rows were fun. I stood on the edge of neighboring benches so that the dumbbell could pass between them and allow me to reach further down. The weight was not heavy enough at 32.5 kg, however, so I again employed a 5 count eccentric to add a stability component. By the last set, I couldn’t complete the 6th repetition without skipping the eccentric.

What began as a standard elevated set of handstand pushups on bumper plates morphed into a close grip version using just one bumper for the hands. This locked in the distance and made things VERY difficult. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your pressing, this may be the answer. A lot more emphasis on the triceps muscles and anterior parts of the shoulder, exactly the regions that are most responsible for the initial to middle portion of the overhead press. Kind of stumbled into this variation trying to find a comfortable hand position for Niels, and it was fortuitous to say the least.

Finally, the 5 x 500 m row, as promised. This was rough. Especially after the heavy workload that preceded it, getting through this was a chore. However, I gotta say that I met my expectations and then some. My stated goal for this WOD was to average under 1:40.0 per 500 meters for 5 sets, but I didn’t expect to accomplish that on the first go. My times were as follows:

1:39.3, 1:38.9, 1:39.5, 1:41.7, 1:40.4, averaging out to 1:39.8. Very excited by this, and hoping to improve further. Maybe the next mark will be every effort under 1:39.0.

Running a new mountain tomorrow bright and early. Should be a great view from the top.

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