Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Workout of the Day:

In the morning…

Trans-Continental Workout #5:

50 pushups, 50 air squats, 25 burpees

400 m run

40 pushups, 40 air squats, 20 burpees

400 m run

30 pushups, 30 air squats, 15 burpees

400 m run

20 pushups, 20 airs squats, 10 burpees

400 m run

10 pushups, 10 air squats, 5 burpees

In the evening…

5 x 5 weighted pullup, 90 seconds rest

4 x max kipping pullup, rest as needed

3 x 10 good morning

3 x max time L-sit

I was very motivated this morning to push my limit with the 5th installment of the trans-continental challenge with my friend Josh Courage in DC. It’s easy during longer routines to slip into a zone just on the edge of discomfort where you’re still working hard, but not truly testing your capacity. This is where I feel I’ve been operating a lot lately and I don’t think it’s good enough. So this morning I committed to going as hard as I could, regardless of the time implications for completion (many times this isn’t a great move strategically, but it is the best way to improve). It was dark and snowy, so I didn’t get any video footage. But the workout was tough and rewarding. With the exception of maybe the 3rd round of burpees, I don’t think I could’ve pushed myself any more. I RAN the 400 m every time, and it was in snow and slightly uphill one direction. My buddy and classmate Niels was out there with me so that helped quite a bit. My final time was 18:57.

This evening I headed to the Cite Universitaire center for “Musculation” (the gym I described in earlier posts). The heavy pulls felt great- I was able to pull all 5 sets of 5 with a 25 kg dumbbell between my feet (no belts…shocker). The max repetition sets were a little less successful, mostly because the bars they sport are all smooth aluminum, so any trace of sweat makes them extremely slippery. I’m going to have to get some chalk or some gloves for the future. My totals were 25, 20, 19, and 15. My arms and grip felt fine, my fingers were just starting to slip sooner each set. Oh well. The good mornings lit up my hamstrings pretty good, surprisingly, and the L-sits felt great. I was able to hold for more than 30 seconds all three sets. The inclusion of these last two exercises I will explain a little more in the next few days, but the gist is that I’m re-evaluating some of my programming and looking to include more supplemental lifts.

Tomorrow morning Niels and I are heading to Monte Matre to run the stairs. Supposed to be beautiful, can’t wait.


  1. Did this metcon today.Run on treadmill.Legs tired after yesterday's metcon from main site(lunges-jump-run). Almost 25 min.

  2. nice work... running on the treadmill is always tough. doesn't allow the body to change speed and mentally the distance feels much longer when you can't see where you're going

  3. able to complete the transcontinental at 21 mins flat..HARD workout.

    also highly recommend the "Diane" crossfit workout in which you do as many rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, 15 squats in 20 mins.