Friday, January 15, 2010

ERG it

Workout of the Day:

Row 5k for time

3 x 5 unilateral DB thrusters

3 x 10 strict toes to bar

I’m still very sore today, but this workout went surprisingly well. This is only the 2nd time I’ve attempted a 5k row, the first being back on September 19th at L.K.V. Back then I notched a 19:17, and remember feeling pretty miserable in my back and hamstrings. Today I rowed an 18:48 and had gas in the tank. Out of the gates I pulled smooth at around 1:50, letting my pace drop to around 1:55 by the 1000 m mark. Holding it here was no problem. Actually, I felt really in tune with the ERG today, feeling when my stroke got crooked and being able to correct it. With 1000 m to go I took it back to around 1:50 and for the last 500 m I was pulling at around a 1:45. My core and legs felt much better than the last time I did this, and mentally it was far less grueling. Shit, a 30 second improvement? I’ll take it any day.

The heaviest dumbbells available at the Cite gym measure 32.5 kg, which, it turns out, is about my 5-rep limit for thrusters. Actually, that weight is my limit on the left side, but probably not the right. It was interesting to feel the difference in stability from my left arm to my right during the down portion of the squat. I’m definitely more comfortable with the weight in my right hand. The toes to bar were hard again, just like before. Doing them strict really lights up my stomach, hips, and quads. The third set I had to split after 6 reps because I just couldn’t finish the crunch to the top. If you haven’t tried these, find a bar that’s almost flush to the wall, or have someone stand between your back and the wall to make up the difference. Whole new ballgame.

Resting tomorrow, then hitting the pool Sunday. Interesting rules here in France… Speedos and caps required. Eeker.

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