Friday, January 1, 2010


Workout of the Day:

4 x 100 m sand sprints

I rang in the new year last night in Leiden to the exploding skies of Dutch tradition. Every new years eve, fireworks of all kinds become legal for the lighting, and everyone stocks up. When the clock hit twelve last night we went outside and we may as well have been in a warzone. For 90 minutes all you could hear was exploding bottle rockets, m-1000’s, and screaming piccolo petes. It was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. It wasn’t organized at all… everyone was doing their own thing. But everyone had big time fireworks and lots of them.

This morning I went to the beach with Niels and Willemijn to enjoy the holiday. I wore my vibrams to run in, thinking the sand would offer a good challenge. Originally I had intended to do 10 sprints, but by the 4th one I could feel my arches starting to ache so I stopped there. Jogged a little more, but that was about it. My feet feel good now, just need to run more in those shoes.

Can’t wait to get this year rolling. Best wishes to everyone.

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