Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello Paris

Workout of the Day:

20 minute AMRAP

1 half gasser (55 yds and back)

10 x 7 stair jumps

20 inverted rows

10 pushups

For my first workout in Paris, I was joined by two members of my masters program: Niels, who has witnessed but not participated until now, and Didzis, our representative from Latvia. Exploring the neighborhood around our residence, we found a stadium complex that looks to house a few professional Parisian teams. On the back lot there was a track and field open to the public, but not very crowded due to sub-freezing temperatures.

It was fun having some company to train with, especially with the weather as cold as it was. We did the half gassers across the width of the field, and used the abnormally large stone bleachers for the stair jumps (around 20” I’d say). These wound up being the most difficult portion in my opinion. 70 jumps per set is a lot of jumping, and doing them repeatedly really sucked my air out. We used a long stretch of railing for the inverted rows, wrapping our feet around one end and hanging from our hands so that our bodies were always completely off the ground. Using the bar as a center point for the body, I pulled my chest to it each time, alternating which side my head finished on. These grew tiresome and freezing for the hands. The pushups were almost a non-issue… should’ve made it 20 in retrospect.

Anyways, I finished 5 rounds plus one half gasser, giving me totals of 660 yards, 350 jumps, 100 rows, and 50 pushups. My partners faired well also. I don’t know what their exact totals were, but they finished feeling tired and accomplished from the looks of it. For each, it was their first time doing a CrossFit style routine, so I hope they liked it enough to keep joining me this term.

Tomorrow I begin my search for a gym. May need some luck…


  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you my friend! I really hope that you find a place to workout- and that you willhave a great stay in France!


  2. Paris won't be the same again. Try not to deface too many historic sites in your quest. We are all looking forward to the new adventures!

  3. I have no doubt that you will find a place to workout. But Im looking forward to your creativity.

    Did my card arrived on time?