Monday, January 25, 2010

Under the Bridge

Workout of the Day:

15 minute AMRAP

3 muscle ups

6 fireman squats

9 handstand pushups

200 meter stair loop

Jason and I woke up pretty groggy this morning. We sampled the Paris night life until 6 am this morning at this incredible bohemian bar/dance club near the Republique metro stop (see picture). It was a blast, but we were feeling it this morning.

For the workout, we headed back toward Notre Dame Cathedral and set up shop under the pedestrian bridge connecting central Paris to the old city island. Being a Sunday afternoon, we had plenty of observers, inquirers, photographers, and participants. We even got a driveby from the Paris river police. Apparently we were making too much of a scene (Or they didn’t like some American monkeys hanging rings from the support structures of their historic bridge).

The workout itself was tough. There was a lot of upper body fatigue after the first 5 minutes, with the handstand pushups taking the most out of us. The fireman squats were really cool. A lot more core and upper back than I expected. Going from those straight to handstands, I could really feel the impact on my diaphragm and internal support muscles. I finished 6 full rounds plus 1 muscle up. Jason got 5 plus 3 muscle ups, 6 squats, and 7 handstand pushups. This was a great routine in an unreal location. Probably the most fun so far.

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  1. Like allways, I am very impressed!
    Greetings from everyone here in Ansbach