Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Partner WOD

Workout of the Day:

With a partner, do 20 minutes AMRAP:

200 meter sandbag run (35 kg)

25 pushups

While one partner is running, the other is doing pushups. Any gap between finishing pushups and starting the run is your rest.

After last night’s less than stellar performance and a long day spent in the classroom today, getting outside for a night session was just what the doctor ordered. Niels was back in town and rearing to go, so we grabbed the sandbag and headed to the back lawn of the Cite.

Conveniently, the back pad measured just slightly over 100 meters in distance. It was freezing outside, so keeping air in our lungs was tough the whole way through, but it definitely felt better to be working than standing around. I started with the run and was BOOKING it. Got down and back in :45; perhaps a little ambitious, but the bag felt light. The second set I went almost as fast, but was nearing collapse by the 200th meter. Pretty funny how quickly you gas yourself when up around 100% effort. The remaining 17:00 were a full body fight the whole way. My shoulders and arms were dead tired from supporting the weight and doing the pushups in between, and my stomach was really fatigued from the weighted running. This last part never ceases to amaze me in its effectiveness.

When the clock rolled the last digit over, I had just dropped the bag after my 10th run. I had done 9 sets of pushups, bringing my totals to 2000 meters and 225 pushups. Niels (doing sets of 15 rather than 25) finished 1800 meters and 150 pushups. Between us, that’s 3800 meters with 35 kg and 375 pushups in 20 minutes. Not bad.

I felt the difference in motivation having Niels here today. Sometimes, its nice not to have to come up with the motivation all on your own. I’m feeling redeemed after yesterday, looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Great photo for the sandbag workout.

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