Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pullups across the Pond

Workout of the Day:

50 double unders

1 to 10 ladder: pullups and burpees

50 double unders

10 to 1 ladder: pullups and mountain climbers

50 double unders

For the second installment of this series with my friend Frank from Steelfit Strength back in the States, we chose a format that would really test capacity and recovery in the upper body. I also did this outside on a thick piece of fence piping (above), making butterfly kipping impossible and really challenging my grip. It was definitely a tough sequence that tested my limit with arm strength, not to mention overcoming repeated psychological failure on the bar. The entire second pullup ladder I was doing singles. The double unders, burpees, and mountain climbers weren’t major obstacles, but they didn’t offer much of a break for the muscles I needed to be fresh either. My final time was 15:13. My friends across the pond finished as follows:

Ori – 13:13

Frank – 18:54

Erik – 21:07

Graham – 28:32

Props to Ori for smoking us all. I took some video footage, but it didn't turn out so well. the angle cut off the mountain climbers completely and only got the top half of the burpees so I didn't think it would be worth it to edit it together for a full video.