Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lift my Bodyweight?

Workout of the Day:

10 minute AMRAP:

1 x BW Snatch

10 pullups

Rest 10 minutes

10 minute AMRAP:

1 x 2BW Back Squat

10 dips

Even after a full day of rest and a ton of sleep, I was sore as hell today. My quads were tender with every downhill step, and my chest was still tight from the pushups Tuesday night. It actually took quite a bit of prodding to convince myself that getting to the gym was a good idea. But it happened, and it was a good idea.

I warmed up with some light snatches, working on timing and extension, and felt pretty decent. I decided to put the weight at 85 kg, slightly over my bodyweight of 83 kg, because I didn’t want to deal with 1 ¼ kg plates. Turned out, it didn’t matter much. The weight felt light. I finished 9 full rounds, plus the 10th snatch. I took my time between the pullups and snatches, making sure I was ready, prepared, and not going to miss. Thankfully I never did. And I never had to catch in a squat, impressing myself with the strength of my pulls and saving my legs for the heavy squatting ahead. I might have been able to get a few more rounds if I had been bolder with the snatches early on, but timidity got the better of me and I decided not to rush.

The 10 minutes of rest was really 10 minutes of squatting warm ups. I mostly did doubles and singles, trying to prepare my body for the shock of a 165 kg weight. When it came time to lift it, things felt heavy. I got the first rep up, but not without a fight. This had me worried coming back from the dips. I took my time, went through the same routine, and felt about the same on the second rep as on the first. This pattern repeated itself through 9 full rounds. I finished my 90th dip just seconds before the clock rolled over to 10. I was ecstatic with this result. Being able to consistently get under the bar with less than a minute rest and lift twice my bodyweight with full depth felt incredible. Every repetition was a fight, but I got them done every time. And all that soreness is flushed out, naturally. Perhaps I’ll have some new pain to deal with tomorrow, but my program is pretty light either way.

Feeling strong. Bring on the weekend.

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