Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rest Day

One of the videos posted here was featured on Mark's Daily Apple's recent article on staying fit in urban areas.
Be sure to check it out here:
Thanks Mark!
PS. Very sore today. Significantly down the front of both quadriceps, leading me to believe the squat jumps had a lot to do with it. Next time you're thinking about doing air squats, try these instead and feel the difference.


  1. Tried out a tabata jump squat and I also felt the burning in the quadriceps, but also the lower back i the late rounds, prolly sore tomorrow.

    Had some success with the cleans yesterday, really happy about that:

    Btw, are you in Paris over easter? I´m visiting again, would be fun to do a mobile-wod together!

  2. ahh bear, alas i will be in the UK by then. too bad, because i think paris in the spring will be incredible. lucky for you.
    cool video, as usual. you going to stockholm sectionals next weekend?

  3. Figured that you would travel somewhere over the holidays. Don´t hurt asking :)

    Don´t have time or the money unfortunately...need the rest anyway, doing a tryout for a job as a firefighter on the following mon-tuesday after the competition weekend! Keep your fingers crossed!

    And pretty damn sore today, hehe.