Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back at CrossFit Thames

Workout of the Day:

30 handstand pushups

40 pullups

50 kb swings (1.5 pd)

60 situps

70 burpees

John and I shot into London this afternoon just as soon as I had finished my first class in Oxford. We did a little sightseeing, some walking around, then made our way down to CrossFit Thames to meet up with Jami for another round of near-life experiences. The workout was one pulled from the main site in an effort to simulate the competitive atmosphere of the regional in two weeks.

My gameplan heading in was to split sets judiciously to avoid reaching total exhaustion—hspu’s 3 x 10, pullups 2 x 20, etc. My resolve didn’t hold long however, as the first set of handstands I found myself trucking through til number 15 without stopping. The next set was 8, then 5, then 2. Needless to say, could’ve done better there. I got to 20 on the pullups without much trouble. The second set I hit 12, the third 8. Overall not bad, but I think could’ve gone 25 and 15 here instead. At this point I was behind Jami by 15 seconds or so and John about the same distance behind me. The kb swings I did unbroken until 37, when my grip started to go. I dropped for a few seconds then finished the last 13 before getting straight to the situps. Never had to stop on these. My pace was steady, but in comparison with John’s, not so fast. The burpees were hell. I was hoping to do sets of 10 the whole way with short breaks between, but my hips and quads were pretty weak after the situps. I got to 20 according to plan, but then had to slow down before hitting 30. 40 felt a little better, but from 50 on it was groups of 2 fast, 2 slow. Finally I finished in a time of 10:36, about 50 seconds ahead of Jami.

I felt great about the effort, but weak on the strategy. For me, I think this workout can be done closer to 9:30. Still, a great routine in a great atmosphere at CF Thames. Thanks to Jami for setting it up.

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