Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Winter Hill

Workout of the Day:

3 rounds for time

20 box jumps

300 meter hill run

5 meter legless rope climb

Alison took me and the dogs on a walk today up to Winter Hill, a ridge running along the edge of yet another wide open space of public land. In addition to being beautifully green, this place was completely empty. It felt like I was on an episode of Man versus Wild and had just been dropped in the middle of nowhere with Bear Grylls. On top of the ridge I found a perfect tree from which to hang my rope. It had a branch 5 meters up that hung away from the rest and looked over the field below.

The idea with this workout was to get as out of breath as possible. Box jumps, hill run, rope climb, repeat. First of all, the hill was STEEP. I made it up the first time pretty quick. The second time I was breathing fire and my legs were cement but I still got to the top without stopping. The third was half walk half run and I felt like death. I concluded afterwards that the lack of trails in Leiden and Paris have taken their toll on my aerobic capacity. I used to do 5 mile trail runs consistently in Washington before I left and the benefits were enormous. Now that I’m back in an environment suitable to this I will be doing it again.

I used a bench for the box jumps, no problems there. The rope climbs weren’t so difficult either. The hill was everything in this WOD. I finished in 13:21 but I should've be able to do it under 10. Heading out tomorrow morning for some exploration...maybe find something heavy to lift.


  1. Good one. YOu know I love it when the dogs get to run with you.

  2. Not sure exactly why...but I really liked this video.;cool all around;music, scenery, close up filming, etc.

  3. fantastic video! You've got me thinkin' about a rope for my home/yard gym!

  4. get the rope, erin. its worth it

  5. Awesome workout I love reading your blog! I try to keep one myself, I'm from Canada and heading to poland for 18 day I'm hopei
    ng to follow your workouts when I'm on the road....where did you get the rope?

  6. actually i found it while in the netherlands, but you can get em online pretty cheap. search manilla rope and you can check thicknesses/lengths/etc