Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rest Day


  1. your favorite! a rope swing, but no river...have a good rest day.

  2. Hi Blair-
    My name is Ian Dirnfeld, and I am a CrossFit Level 1 coach writing you from Israel, where a group of us follow your blog fairly conscientiously. I am particularly fascinated by how easy you make it seem to find a spot to do the WODs and their design; wherever I go my eyes are constantly appraising the local surroundings to see if I can hang up my rings or whatever. (BTW, your 30 muscle-up / 30 ring dip workout – how on earth did you get the rings over that bridge's lower strut??)
    We have 6 coaches or so in Israel, one of whom I know has been in contact with you before (Zvi Fridman) – I just went head to head with him on Friday with Tabata sledgehammer/wallball/KTE. Another of the coaches, Omry Peled, has formed a group call "I speak CrossFit" on Facebook, and I wanted to cordially invite you (and all your readers worldwide!!) to join…
    As a side note – any plans to jump across the pond and come to Israel for a visit?

  3. I am diggin' the wellies, you know you're ready for any kind of adventure when they come out of the closet :)

  4. Hey Ian, the rings over the bridge strut was just a chuck it and catch operation. luckily the distance was just right. Thank you for the invitation to the group, i joined and look forward to participating. as far as israel, man i would love to get there. probably won't happen until next year, but its definitely one of the places i most want to see. especially since you guys seem to have built such a strong community there. all the best,