Thursday, April 1, 2010

Riding with Courage

Today is the first day of Josh Courage's month long trek across the United States. ON A BIKE. Josh has been a great friend and training partner for the past 3 years and to say the man has a big heart is an understatement. In an effort to raise awareness for the Children's Miracle Network, he is going to ride roughly 3700 miles in 30 days, stopping where he has local connections, where there are CrossFit boxes, and at pre-designated campsites to rest and re-fuel. I've known Josh through more than a few of these creative physical endeavors, all benefiting some cause bigger than himself, but this is by far the most impressive. I've told him many times how much I wished I was in the States to take part in this amazing adventure, but alas this is the most I can contribute. If any of you are along his route and have the time, please get out and support him. He'll be the one dripping in sweat and towing a mini bike trailer filled with camping gear.
As for me, I'm packing up my life and getting on a bus tomorrow for Oxford. Close the book on Paris, baby. See you all in the UK.


  1. Josh is in Folsom. End of day 1. We will feed him and provide a nice comphy bed!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Blair, would have een great to have some company on this thing!

    Keep up the good work in England, then get on over to the wonderful west coast so we can work out!


    PS - your parents rock

  3. Awesome Josh! Very cool I'd like to hear more about your trip. I too am planning a cross country trip in a few weeks stopping at strongman and crossfit gyms along the way! I'm blogging it here

  4. @Daniel - tried posting to your blog but it didn't work. I'll be following along your journey, sounds really cool! And hope it hel with regionals, I am sure what I am doing is going to make regionals a "fun" experience.

    Thanks for hosting this conversation Blair!!