Tuesday, January 11, 2011

315 overhead

Workout of the Day

Split Jerk 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

5 rounds for time:

300 m row

10 OH Squat (135 lb)

3 Muscle Ups w/ front roll

This afternoon’s workout took place at CrossFit East Sacramento with Justin, Travis, and Brooke—the 3 CF ballers of the River Park corridor. The original plan was to do Clean & Jerks, but I had to gracefully bow out of that Jenkins due to latent soreness in my low back. Probably still recovering from a rather embarrassing deadlift session last Thursday. Annnnyways, I modified and hit the jerks with some gusto instead. And wouldn’t you know it? I PR’d. 315 lb up and over. Didn’t expect that type of lift going in but I’ll take it. Brooke PR’d her C&J as well and Justin tied his. Solid lifting performances for everyone.

The conditioning bit was all kinds of fun. This started off as 15 squats and 500 m row for 5 rounds, then morphed to 10 squats, 2 muscle ups and 500 m row, then somehow settled on it’s final form as described above. The aim was to do high volume squatting with medium load. The result was that with an interesting blend of “technique while tired” and “on the cusp of out of breath.” I never broke any sets, but almost dropped a few OH squats. I never missed a MU but doubted a few of them would get all the way up. And I didn’t row slower than a 1:50 pace but was always dreading sitting back down. The whole shebang took me 12:28 to complete. Travis came in 30-40 seconds after me, followed by Brooke and Justin somewhere around 15:00. Nails all around.

In the last 3 days alone I’ve received over 60 emails and nearly 40 comments voting on the Steelfit Pullup Challenge. So far Andrew’s fans have spoken loudest but Anna and Christina have closed the gap. Still plenty of time to make your voice heard. Only 1 vote per person will be accepted, so those of you sending multiple emails… sorry. I respect the effort but no go. To continue posting votes to comments, use the link on the right side of the page.

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