Friday, January 14, 2011


Workout of the Day

8 rounds for completion

Swim 50 meters

6 handstand pushups

12 pushups

So I had Frank from Steelfit in yesterday—awesome. And today I got my boy Jason Mulligan in from Long Island. Unreal couple of days for me. With a lot of big plans lined up for the weekend I’m going to make this post short and sweet. Just an update on what we did at the pool to kick start a great series of days.

I honestly felt amazing in the water. Strong kick, good glide, never really ran out of breath. The crux of the WOD was the HSPUs 100%. My first 3 sets were unbroken, but from 4-8 I was doing 4’s and 2’s. Definitely needed some shake out time towards the end but we managed to finish up decent. Jay was looking extra swole with the heavy upper body emphasis. Really hoping for some good weather over the weekend so we can get out and explore a bit.

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  1. Hey Blair, I remember a while back you had a photo of a lifting platform that you had your logo on. Was that in DC or out in NorCal?

    If it was in DC, could you let me know who did that for you? We're opening another affiliate in NoVa and I'd like to get some for our platforms there.

    Hit me up at brian [at]