Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steelfit in Town

Workout of the Day

Squat Snatch 10, 10

3 x 1 minute rounds for max repetitions


KB Snatch (24 kg)

Double Unders

Sandbag Squats (100 lb)

Pushups with rotation

Rest 1 minute

Today I was lucky enough to welcome Frank Passanante, a good friend of mine and the CEO of Steelfit Strength Systems, to Sacramento. He agreed to come out for a day to check out the future site of CrossFit Anywhere (now less than 2 months away from opening) and give his take on what might be possible from a structural perspective. We threw around ideas about pullups structures, I-beam strength grids, and all kinds of other cool toys made out of steel. The end result was a plan that I am extremely happy about. The place is going to be decked out with more state of the art material than I will know what to do with. 2011 beware.

After walking around the facility Frank and I headed back to the garage for the above workout. He worked technique for some heavier singles while I decided to do a little higher volume for a change. I loaded the bar to 70 kg and did 10 reps as quickly as I could. Interestingly, I found that as I fatigued my form began to improve slightly. This lasted through reps 6, 7, and 8 before deteriorating for 9 and 10. I think that when my body is fresh I tend to rely too much on my arms and shoulders to help the weight overhead, but as I began to tire that strength was no longer there to use. Hence my legs and hips started to take over completely and the lift looked and felt more like it should. By reps 9 and 10, however, my legs and back had worn out and left me without the explosivity needed to stay clean. An interesting idea would be to train some higher repetition sets like this with moderate to heavy weight and see if timing issues improve. I bet they would. My time on both sets was around 1:15.

After the Olympic stuff we went after the 1 minute rounder above. I scored 150, 143, and 151 respectively for the three 5 minute bouts. Big challenges were the KB snatches and the pullups once the arms got tired. I’ve definitely improved the snatches but still have a ways to go.

It was so much fun having Frank here and getting to train together again. And knowing that Steelfit is going to be a part of my gym is only making me more confident in its potential for success.

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  1. Gonna be an awesome box....can't wait to see it all come together. STEELFIT is jazzed to be able to contribute. Thanks Blair.

    Watch out Folsom.....