Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

With the MLK holiday and Jason’s visit occurring simultaneously, this past weekend was a recipe for excessive training. We swam, ran hills, climbed rope, squatted, used rings, and invented new exercises in a padded room. We also bowled, drank beer, and watched plenty of football. In short, this was like a stay-cation for me. Below is the rundown of WODs we did:


8 rounds for completion:

Swim 50 meters

6 handstand pushups

12 pushups


Back Squat 5 w/pause (275), 5 w/pause (315), 5 w/pause (345), 6 no pause (365)

Handstand walk 30 meters, floor muscle ups, low crawls, somersaults, handstand to somersault, dummy drags, etc.


3 rounds, rest 5 minutes between rounds:

2 hill runs (200 m)

20 ring pullups

20 situps

round 1: 5:13, round 2: 7:03, round 3: 6:47



Monday (at CF East Sac)…

Alternate the following:

10 to 1 rope climbs (15 ft)

1 to 10 strict press (135 lb)

With the exception of some mini blisters on the tips of my fingers from the 55 rope climbs we did yesterday, I’m feeling pretty decent after all of that. I was very sad to see Jason leave last night because he is such a great friend and training partner, but it makes me more excited for the adventures to come. A trip to Telluride next month is in the works and a late spring jaunt to Long Island is sure to follow. Line it up.

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