Sunday, January 30, 2011


Workout of the Day

4 mile trail run

Got out and did the Nimbus Dam to Negro Bar run today with Enzo and Clint. It was chilly and misty and my back was still a bit tight from earlier in the week, but things turned out great in spite of it all. I ran the course in 31:21, the first official time I’ve logged. I think with a little fresher legs and a warmer day I can get it under 30:00. The route itself is mostly flat with small ups and downs the entire way. We opted out of the massive hills that have been featured on this blog many times in the past few months simply because to incorporate them would have made the rest of the run nearly impossible.

I will be resting tomorrow and then starting a new 3 week program on Monday—pretty pumped to see how it goes. A full breakdown on it will be coming soon so stay tuned.

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