Sunday, September 13, 2009

Active Rest Day

Today I went to the coast and hiked around the dunes at Noordwijk beach, listened to music, and relaxed. Found some good spots for a sand workout in the future, so stay tuned for that.
It felt good to get into some open space and just let my brain go. I think this is undervalued, generally. It's indisputable that intense training wears on your mind as well as your muscles, making it harder to concentrate and get up for big physical challenges. This goes to the heart of the varied intensity training philosophy. Just as the volume of physical work should vary between low medium and high during the course of a given week and a given training cycle, so should the volume of mental work vary. I believe that when people plateau or burn out, it's largely a result of mental exhaustion. Therefore, days like today are really important. For me, they recharge my nervous system, relieve my stress, and get me itching for the next big thing.
From Week 2


  1. good point. i worry when i get "burnt" out that i might be getting bored. but recharging is a more positive resolution.

  2. Hey Rich, was thinking about heading over to Belgium one day next week, maybe. What do you think?

  3. Nice Concept Blair. I started reading your BLog as we dont ussually start our books, from the end. So I decided, now being 2012 to go back in time to the origins of anywhere and it resulted in an amazing voyage. I feel extremely tempted now to try somthing similar myself. I am from Argentina and lately after doing Crossfit for three years now My mental aspirations and intellectual hunger have greatly increased. Reading anywhere has accented this basic need of intellectual exploring- as well as we do in fitnees terms-. I wrote something of a kind in the essay to Crossfit for my affiliation. Now I remember and re experience those intuitive and so real thoughts that came to me. Physical and Intellectuall realms are parallel universes. And we are intended to explore and explote both in very unique ways!!