Thursday, September 24, 2009

L, Strict, Kip

I took Chickaro to the dog park to do some creative engineering at the playground. We brought my fisherman rope with us and used it to construct a set of rings from the high bar. This was a great idea in theory, just not quite suited to the structure of the playground bars (I think it will work great from a tree branch). However, we were able to use it to some success, doing 3 sets of each - maximum repetition L, strict, and kipping dips. We followed this with 3 sets of each - maximum repetition L, strict, and kipping pullups. Each set was broken by 1 minute of rest.
3 times through, Max of each, rest 1 minute between variations:
L dips
Strict dips
Kipping dips
L pullups
Strict pullups
Kipping pullups
After finishing, we hung around and experimented with more uses for the rope and managed to come up with some great exercises that I think will be used in future routines.
I'm heading to Sicily tomorrow to visit with my grandparents. Really excited to explore a new location and see a different vision of old world beauty. Expect the requisite creative engineering, a few touristy historical reflections, and some serious scenery.

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