Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Gravensteen

So this morning I got up early and jogged to The Gravensteen, which means Castle of the Count. It's a building that now houses the international office of Leiden University, but originally it was home to members of the Dutch aristocracy. At some point in the interim, it was the prison, court of law, and site of execution for all of Leiden. This fact struck me as incredible. The international office (where my academic fate is ultimately decided) is essentially renting space from death row. A potentially ominous sign for my studies here. The only way to karmically balance this situation, in my estimation, was to pay my tax in sweat, and hope the ghosts of Dutchmen past were appeased.
Using an old fisherman rope (15 lbs) I found near the river bank earlier in the week, I constructed this workout:
With additional weight (vest, rope, etc) do 3 rounds for time:
20 strict pullups
10 pistol squats (each leg)
run 200 meters
Upon reflection, that's a lot of strict pullups with weight. By the final set I was mostly doing singles. Also, the bar I used was square. Tough on the hands after that many repetitions. The pistol squats took forever towards the end. I kept losing my balance falling backwards/sideways as the rope shifted on my shoulders.
Overall, this workout was challenging from a strength and technique perspective, but not in terms of stamina. I think I could have finished in under 10 minutes if I could've gotten the pistols down a little better. Either way, the location was incredible. Almost eerie it was so quiet. Will be a challenge finding places to top the Gravensteen.
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  1. Dude, you're the man.

    But you do look pretty ri-goddamn-diculous with that rope. Very creative, though. Keep up the killer work, bro.