Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday 9/27

On Sunday we ventured to Segesta, the site of the oldest, intact temple in Italy. The ruins are pristine. No crumbling columns, no eroded foundations. It was built in the 4th century BC by the Athenians and has stood the test of time. It backs up to this enormous canyon, and faces out over the valley where the settlements once were. On top of the hill across the valley are the remains of a classic Greek amphitheater where the citizens of said settlement would trek to see reenactments of plays, battles, etc. The crazy part is, they still hold performances there today.
The only way to get to the amphitheater is by climbing the switchback trail that starts at the temple. Naturally, I took this opportunity to get a run in. It's a total of 1.8 kilometers to the top, so not too far. But the grade is steep. The guide at the bottom told me you climb 1000 feet or so before you hit the top. I couldn't get video of this for obvious reasons, but I snapped a few pictures before and after. It took me just over 9 minutes to get to the top.
Also, now that I'm back I was able to post the videos from Saturday below

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