Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Room that Time Forgot

This is a look inside the L.K.V. de Spartaan Olympic lifting room that I anticipate will be housing a lot of my strength and heavier metcon training. Was feeling the hips from the bear crawling and the back from the deadlifts. Good thing tomorrow will be for rest.
The workout was 10 minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible of five 185lb Push Jerks and 50 Double Unders. This absolutely gassed me. I was able to complete 7 rounds, plus 1 additional Jerk.


  1. Blair Hello, I live in Spain and I agree with regard to CrossFit, there's no `` culture''of functional training and I sometimes I have trouble getting the equipment needed to train at a minimal conditions ...
    I will try to qualify for the European to reach Cali, where you qualify?
    Keep the shape, great athlete.
    Greetings Alex, Spain.

  2. That looks like a great place to Train! Reminds me of where we started out, in our basement with our unfinished walls. Hope your working out abroad goes well, cool site and Good luck. Zach&Annie@CFWS

  3. Alexis-- I qualified in the mid-atlantic region last year, but most likely will have to enter one of the european regionals this time since i wont be heading home at all til just before the games. Good luck with the training-- maybe we'll see each other at the qualifiers!