Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Back at the dog park, I wanted to lay off the lower body a bit. This workout required a lot grip and arm strength because the bars were thick.
5 rounds for time:
5 pullup
1 muscle up
5 bar dips
5 handstand pushup
I finished in 8:04 and coudn't move my hands. The muscle ups got really sloppy, as did the HSPUs. Doing this actually gave me an idea for another workout using the jungle gym that I'm definitely going to come back and try.
From Week 2


  1. Did you have rings? A bar MU after 5 pull ups is pretty tuff. I am assuming you didn't have rings and just did your dips on top of the pull up bar. Cool WOD, I am temped to try this today instead of our WOD.

  2. Well. I was persuaded, not sure why. Maybe to compete with a world class crossfitter, or maybe because sdhp and ring dip sounded more miserable. Did it on a 1 1/2 inch galvanized pipe to try and make it fair. Travis got 3:33 and I was 3:38 after missing about 6 mu's on the bar. We did dips on top of the pipe. How did we beat you by so much? Did you do free standing hspu's or was your pull up bar like a 4 inch greased pipe.

  3. the bar was 10 feet off the sand, so i had to climb up the two parallel connecting bars every time. that could account for it. i had to drop the last 3 sets between the pullups and the muscle up because i had been hanging for so long. thus, id have to climb back up before getting to the muscle up.
    or maybe im just a weakling...