Monday, September 28, 2009

The Sicilian Chipper

For my last day in Sicily, I didn't have much time for sight seeing as my flight was set to leave at 1:00 from Palermo. So we stayed close to home, made some breakfast, and I wandered about the grounds of the place where we were staying. Turns out they have a lot of fun stuff to play with. I devised a short chipper (multiple reps of multiple exercises, 1 set per exercise) to do before heading off to the airport and the taking the trip back to the Netherlands. It ended up being a great workout. Minus the part at the end where I tried to climb the 30 foot, 6 inch diameter street lamp next to the tennis court. Win some/lose some, as they say.
Anyways... all in all an incredible weekend. There was so much to see, do, and experience that I feel like it would take a year to get it all in. Fitness definitely isn't in the DNA or even on the back burner down there. Don't think I saw a single gym, and there were very few people that seemed to know, let alone care, about the health hazards of eating 4 course, pasta laden meals. But, as a tourist, I think being exposed to the entirety of the culture is a necessary part of the experience. And now I can appreciate the benefits and knowledge I've been afforded thus far in an even richer way.

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